dat sass tho

More photos were released of her? What the hell? Do these people have any compassion? I hope they burn in hell.

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It was just one. Yeah these people are fucking sick

Aaaaand another “McKayla” picture is released. I’m about done with the world

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my mom is the real mvp

Not that it negates the sentiment, but I would put money on the fact that someone in Aly's "team" told her how to address this situation on her social media platforms.

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Considering this has absolutely nothing to do with Aly and everything to do with her best friend, I highly doubt that.

About tumblr ruining gifs. If you don't use either 500px 245px or 160px width then tumblr resizes the gif which make it look worse than what you uploaded. Is that what you meant?

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No, when you upload to tumblr, the server processes it and totally changes the coloring and quality. I haven’t had any problem with it recently until yesterday. It’s so annoying lol


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Tbh who doesn’t take a scandalous selfie of themselves when you feel like you’re looking hella hot? Just because you take the photo doesn’t mean you sent/shared it with anyone

WCC is finally opening!

Squirrel says hi

skinner I love you but pleaseeee can we see your pretty ballerina bun without a bow

You are literally my hero

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Nah I don’t do anything hero-worthy, trust me lol.