dat sass doe


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food for thought:

if aly stayed committed to florida she would’ve been standing up there as co-national champions

Nah, they would have had a tiebreaker if she were there.

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If a drink is blue it is automatically 10x better

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I need Netflix suggestions. I like shows that 14 year old white girls would like

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I just remembered that Vika is injured and not going to euros


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Ok when is euros lets go I’m bored

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Maybe I’m just crazy but I feel like team finals shouldn’t have ties?? I’m completely fine with giving two of a certain medal in individuals but idk team finals seems like it should have a tie breaker

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Anonymous: If you don't like bama why are you on their site?

I wasn’t? A bama student tweeted it, said they got it in an email.

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What the fuck bama??

Let me reblog this again because they had a meltdown on beam and lost lmfao

If bama wins I think I’m done with NCAA

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What the fuck bama??
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actual footage of vika’s injury
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Yes hi