dat sass tho

is the event finals of nbc up too?

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I haven’t really looked for it nor have I watched it so I couldn’t tell you :(

Can you link me to the nbc coverage on Gymmultimedia?because I can't find it anywhere

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do not let me have access to the internet

my shining moment on the Internet

sorry for spamming your dash with asks

(no I’m not)

ily a lot

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That girl has serious Issues

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what is simone's snapchat?:)

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I don’t have it on hand I think it’s simonebiles

I don't know what that anon who said you lost your touch was talking about, but I literally can't stop watching you Kyla PT gifs, they're gorgeous!! Thank you so much for making them! :D

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thank you!!

does aliya mustafina (or any other russian gymnasts at the moment) have a twitter? if so, what is it? thank you!:)

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Aliyas is mus_aliya

Wouldn't a US vs Europe competition (bit like the Ryder Cup I guess) be totally cool to watch though? Would never happen, but I reckon it'd be fun to watch a team competition go right down to the wire again. Aliya and Larisa could be awesome co-captains and the teams could wear ugly patriotic leos instead of ugly patriotic jumpers :D

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What connection didn't they credit Kyla? I just re-watched her beam routine and it looks like she made all of them smoothly?

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I think you’re talking about her AA beam? I don’t know which connection but it was probably her front aerial to sheep (only bc that’s usually her slowest). I’ll have to rewatch

If you're watching AHS online, can I please have the link? :)

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it’s on piratebay if you need it

The amount of money I would pay to see Aliya finish off the podium just to see the stans freak. Gimme a Simone/Larisa/Yao podium please. Oh and give the elegance award to someone the gymternet doesn't think is artistic. The fallout would be amazing.

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you got half your wish

i was watching an old video on youtube about the 2012 team selection and in the comments they were discussing i guess the karolyi's vs. chellsie memmel's dad? he was saying how they run a communist system, but then others said he expected chellsie to get an exception even though she didn't do well at classics? what was that about?

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Ummmm well there’s certain requirements Chellsie had to meet to qualify to nationals (score a 14.000 on the one event she did at classics) and she wasn’t able to do that so she wasn’t allowed to compete at nationals.